CAR RENTAL IN THESSALONIKI AND HALKIDIKI is a matter for ACTION rent a car. Our many years of experience in the field in combination with the brand new car fleet that we have in all types and categories of cars, make CAR RENTAL IN THESSALONIKI AND HALKIDIKI, a pleasant and special experience for the customer. With the possibility of service at Thessaloniki airport, in the city center, but also throughout Halkidiki. With a wide range of cars, from small and economical to comfortable and luxurious, our company enables the customer to find what he really wants in order to make his vacation or even his business trips simple and comfortable. At very reasonable and advantageous prices. CAR RENTAL IN THESSALONIKI AND HALKIDIKI in every place. In each hotel, room for rent, at the airport of Thessaloniki but also at the Central Station of Outside City Buses, the railway station of Thessaloniki even in the city center.


Thessaloniki is the largest and most populous city in MAKEDONIA. It is the seat of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the capital and seat of the Region of Central MAKEDONIA. It was founded in 316/5 BC. from the Makedonian general Kassandros who gave her the name of his wife and half-sister of Alexander the Great, Thessaloniki and came from the union of 26 states that were located around the Thermaic Gulf. A city with a strong cultural heritage, it offers its visitor dozens of options for fun, entertainment, relaxation and at the same time is rich in natural and artistic treasures of unique value worldwide.


The Regional Union of Halkidiki is part of the geographical region of Makedonia and is administratively part of the Region of Central Makedonia. Chalkidiki geographically is the end of Central Makedonia in the Aegean Sea, which penetrates deep into it, forming three elongated peninsulas, which give the area its characteristic shape (“feet of Chalkidiki”). Chalkidiki is a large peninsula, since is bathed by the Aegean Sea and only NW. is connected to the trunk of Makedonia through the region of Thessaloniki, while in the southern part of Chalkidiki, the three characteristic peninsulas are formed, which are from west to east: the peninsula of Kassandra, the peninsula of Sithonia and the peninsula of Mount Athos.

With CAR RENTAL IN THESSALONIKI AND HALKIDIKI from ACTION rent a car you save time, without hassle and easily, quickly and mainly economically you can enjoy the beauties of the city of Thessaloniki and Halkidiki. Your reservation for CAR RENTAL IN THESSALONIKI AND HALKIDIKI from ACTION rent a car, can be done either through our website easily and quickly, or by calling our call center at +30 23740 20604 where one represent of our company will serve you in anything you need.

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