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Αγαπάμε Σιθωνία! Όμορφες εικόνες με παραλίες στη Χαλκιδική (ΦΩΤΟ)

CHEAP CAR RENTAL IN HALKIDIKI from ACTION rent a car with the possibility of delivering your car throughout Kassandra and throughout Sithonia, either in your hotel or in your rented room or anywhere else you want. Easy and fast. You can choose your car by clicking on the car pictures on our website, and through it you can make your reservation or by phone on our company phone, where our specialized staff will be happy to help you find the one that suits you. .

Μαγικές εικόνες από τη χιονισμένη Σάρτη στη Χαλκιδική. Χιόνι και κύμα  γίνονται... ένα (video+photos) -

Explore Halkidiki with a CHEAP CAR RENTAL IN HALKIDIKI from ACTION rent a car and discover the beauties of the place. From the beautiful beaches with its warm and clear blue waters, to the mountainous areas in the central part of the prefecture, with its traditional settlements and its picturesque villages. And of course for the lovers of the monastic life, a visit to the idyllic Mount Athos has a special value.

Χάρτης Νομού Χαλκιδικής - Οδικοί Χάρτες Νομών Ελλάδας |


Halkidiki is a large peninsula, since it is bathed by the Aegean Sea and only NW. It is connected to the trunk of Macedonia through the area of Thessaloniki, while in the southern part of Halkidiki, the three characteristic peninsulas are formed, which are from west to east: the peninsula of Kassandra, the peninsula of Sithonia and the peninsula of Mount Athos.

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