Macedonia is the largest region of Northern Greece with its center in Thessaloniki and offers its visitor dozens of options for fun, entertainment, relaxation and at the same time is rich in natural and artistic treasures of unique value worldwide. It is also very well known for its purchase since one can easily find anything if needed at really very good prices.

Particularly popular tourist destination with unique natural beaches in Halkidiki, Katerini, Kavala and elsewhere. Natural landscapes such as the lakes of Prespa, which is one of the most important wetlands in Europe, the waterfalls of Edessa, Lake Kerkini, the delta of the river Axios just outside Thessaloniki and the river Nestos have a special place.

The archeological sites of the area are also important, with the most important ones being those of Vergina, Philippi and Dion at the foot of the mountains of the gods, Olympus. Winter sports fans will be completely satisfied with the perfect infrastructure and the ski resorts of the area are ready to welcome them in Agios Athanasios, Vermio, Vasilitsa and elsewhere.

The museums of the region are also very important, hosting works of global interest both in Thessaloniki and in the other cities of Northern Greece, as it is worth paying special attention to the treasures of Mount Athos, in Halkidiki. Kastoria with its lake and the remarkable folklore museum, Kavala with its castle and its old quarter, Drama with its Park and the short film festival, Kozani with its unique folklore museum and the extremely traditional villages around the largest in Greece artificial lake Polyphytou, Halkidiki with its wonderful beaches and Mount Athos with its monasteries of unique beauty and value, are just some of the interests that the visitor will find.

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