SAFE DRIVING WITH A RENTAL CAR from ACTION rent a car in Thessaloniki and Halkidiki. Our company provides the customer with a brand new fleet of vehicles for a SAFE DRIVING WITH A RENTAL CAR. With regular checks in all parts of the car before and after each rental that guarantees SAFE DRIVING WITH A RENTAL CAR. By renting a car from ACTION rent a car you are sure of the insurance you have and their coverage. An important factor before you start is to make the necessary arrangements for a SAFE DRIVING WITH A RENTAL CAR.

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Upon entering the car and after first wearing the seat belt, we adjust the interior mirror to have a complete picture of what is happening inside the car and just behind us. We adjust the exterior mirrors to completely control the movement to our right and rear left. We adjust the seat in such a way that our wrists rest on the steering wheel when we stretch our arms. Adjust the seat headrest so that it covers exactly the back of our head. Have both hands in position 9 and a quarter on the steering wheel so we can turn quickly and accurately. This ensures a SAFER DRIVING WITH A RENTAL CAR

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All our cars have an ABS system. This helps for one
SAFE DRIVING WITH A RENTAL CAR. We do not have to wait for an accident to happen to use it for the first time. We find an empty parking lot and try to brake sharply to activate the ABS and thus have the experience of how our car will react at this time.


The left lane is for overtaking only and not a express lane. Do not obstruct those who move in it too fast. Staying firmly in the middle lane ensures a SAFE DRIVING WITH A RENTAL CAR.


We use the turn signals not only when we want to turn but also when we want to change lanes. Remember that the flash warns, not obliges. We keep the car in the right position.
When we stop at an intersection and wait for the traffic to stop to turn, we make sure the wheels are in a straight position until the road is clear. When we stop and have the wheels facing the direction we want to turn there is a risk in case of a collision to be in the upcoming traffic flow. Reduce speed before turning. Select the appropriate speed before turning. Sudden braking and abrupt acceleration in the middle of the turn changes the balance of the car. By doing these simple moves we ensure one more


On highways we stay away from slow drivers (passing safely) thus minimizing the risk of getting involved in an accident of their own. This ensures a SAFE DRIVING WITH A RENTAL CAR.


Recent statistics show that using our mobile phone while driving doubles the risk of getting into an accident. The risk is the same even for hands free or car kit. We look carefully to the end of the road and identify any obstacles before we even encounter them. To constantly check the mirrors. The driver must act as a chess player. To try to predict the movements of others and their possible reactions. Maintaining our attention to driving we ensure a SAFE DRIVING WITH A RENTAL CAR.

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Most accidents happen either due to some carelessness or speeding. We make sure to follow the speed limits set and avoid dangerous maneuvers. Do not look for an alibi in cars or on the roads. The driver who chooses to drive has the ultimate responsibility for both the car and the road. The rational being, man, has the upper hand in the matter of driving. This helps you to have a SAFE DRIVING WITH A RENTAL CAR.

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