Terms & Conditions
29 May 2017

Minimum time is 1 day

Please provide your correct email address and phone number while making reservation.
In order for the reservation to be valid, you must receive confirmation from ActionCars either by phone or email. If you do not receive the confirmation notification within several days, please contact us immediately at +30 2374020604

Age of driver
Drivers of vehicles must hold an international driving license or an EU country for at least 1 year. It should also be over 23 years for car groups A, A1, B, B1, C, D, D1 and more than 25 years for car groups E, F, Q, S, T, J, L, L1.

Minimum billing km
All rentals are mileage charge depending on the mileage, with a minimum of 100 km whichever is greater. Where there will be a special agreement for unlimited mileage use will be granted on the Rental Contract.

The regular maintenance of vehicles supplied by the landlord. The tires are replaced at regular intervals why physical damage. Damages due the misuse of the car (eg from a tire sidewalls, etc.) shall be borne by Lessee.

Basic Security
Insurance for personal injury or material damage to third parties. (Excluded from coverage by the driver and passengers). Coverage limits of EUR 1,000,000 for personal injuries and EUR 100,000 for property damage, based on European law.

Fines from traffic or other offenses
Fully liable.

Fuel costs
If the vehicle is returned with the same amount of fuel that has a receipt will be required to offset these costs and “service stations» (FC) equal to 7 euro.

Damage fee
In case of accident is 75.00 euro charge to cover administration expenses (AF) to be paid to the driver regardless of fault and is not refundable under any circumstances.

Driving outside the Greek territory
Allowed only in EU countries A prior written permission of the landlord. In these cases otherwise required for special insurance coverage.

Loading of vehicles
A written consent of the lessor and otherwise charge for the insurance premium.

All rentals include the following taxes:
a. Airport: 7% at the Macedonia Airport of Thessaloniki
b. 24% VAT

Car Types
The types of cars listed in this price list are strictly indicative and may change with similar models but at the absolute discretion of the lessor.

Road Assistance
Roadside assistance is provided through the company Europ Assistance

The terms and prices can change without notice at the discretion of the landlord.